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Club Competition Procedures

This page provides instructions for member clubs to submit and return entries to NJFCC competitions. Please view the Competition Definitions, Award and Scoring Page and Competition Rules Page for more information relating to competitions.

Print Competitions

Submission Procedure

  1. Each print shall have a label attached in the upper right-hand corner on the back of the print mounting material. Labels may be obtained from the NJFCC here: Print Label PDF Document. These labels are suitable for printing on plain paper or on sheets of Avery 5164/8164 Labels, available in many stationary stores. If using plain paper labels, tape the label in place making sure that no tackiness from the adhesive exists on the exposed surface of the tape.
  2. Deliver the prints and return instructions to the print chairperson on or before the deadline date. Normally, the print chairperson receives the prints in a regularly scheduled NJFCC meeting prior to the competitions. Prints may be mailed or shipped via parcel services to the print chairperson, as long as they arrive on or before the deadline date.

Return Procedure

  1. A club's print entries, awards and results form can be picked up by the club's delegate at the NJFCC delegates meeting following the competitions. Results can also be e-mailed.
  2. If the submitting club requests prints be returned by mail, prepare a letter stating the name of the person, the address where the prints are to be returned and specify the delivery service requested (US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS etc). Provide a check, made out to the print competition chairperson, for the full amount of the return postage or shipping services. Also provide packaging material that is secure and rugged enough for mailing.

    *Please note*: Prints cannot be returned at the competition.

Projected Image Competitions

Submission Procedure

  1. There are three methods for submitting images - uploading over the Internet using PhotoContest Pro software or on CD or DVD disk. Uploading and file naming are described further down on this page. If you would like to email the images to the NJFCC Competition chair, send an email for instructions. The chair’s emails are linked to their names on the Competition Schedule.
  2. If uploading images using PhotoContest Pro follow these Upload directions below. *Reminder* only one club member should be designated to upload images for NJFCC projected image contests to avoid mistakes or duplications.
    1. In PhotoContest Pro select the contest you wish to transfer.
    2. Using the Transfer Pictures to Another Contest on Server under the file menu, select the contest you wish to transfer the images to.
    3. Select Start Transfer
    4. Wait for the image transfer to complete.

    *Please note*: for nature competitions, the club must upload a separate set of images for each individual contest, Botany, Ornithology, Zoological and General Nature.
  3. If submitting a CD or DVD you must complete a Competition Entry Form.
    *Please note*: For nature competitions, the club must remit a separate Competition Entry Form for each of the sub-categories, Botany, Ornithology, Zoological and General Nature.
    1. Assign a title to each image according to these guidelines:
      1. Filenames are based on the maker's name and the image title.
      2. The basic file naming format is Lastname Firstinitial _ Title
        *An example*: Adams A _ Sand Dunes, Death Valley
      3. Use an underscore character to separate the maker's name and the image title.
      4. Maker's names must be unique within a club. If two or more people have the same last name and first initial, additional letters for initials or nicknames may be appended to the first initial.
        *An example*: Jones CR _ The Train I Love and Jones CL _ Hot Tomato
      5. Omit all question marks and asterisks appearing in a title when creating a file name. This is necessary because some computer systems reserve question marks and asterisks in file names for wild card functionality.
        *An example*: Johnny Appleseed submits an image with the title, Have You Seen My Seeds? The file would be named Appleseed J _ Have You Seen My Seeds
    2. Deliver or mail a CD or a DVD to the appropriate chairperson. Include the return instructions to the respective chairperson on or before the submittal deadline date.

      Please note*** A club's CD or DVD, awards, and results form can be picked up by the club's delegate at the next regularly scheduled NJFCC meeting following the competition. Results can also be e-mailed.
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