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MEETINGS: As of January, 2019, all meetings will take place offline (or online
...via emails and phone calls--there will be no in-person meetings.
Information will be sent to all the delegates of record so
...clubs should ensure their contact information is up to date!

SAVE THIS DATE APRIL 13, 2019 Photorama

Speaker: Nat Geo and Sony Artisan Bob Krist

Location TBD

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Please note that our website has been receiving a number of spam emails
that are being forwarded to our registered members.
There's nothing we can do to prevent spammers from sending us email.
If you receive one (or many) of these, please do not respond, or send them to us (we know about them)
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We are still looking for a Club to Host the Spring Print Competition!
Please contact Eric Mayr (ericmayr@concentric.net) if your club is able to help out!

The New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (NJFCC) is an association of local camera clubs embracing a membership of more than eight hundred amateur photographers in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The NJFCC is dedicated to making photography more interesting and rewarding to the individual, through service to his/her club and by pooling the resources of individual clubs for the benefit of all.

In 1951 a small group of representative photographers conceived the idea of an association of camera clubs to broaden and consolidate the high artistic and technical standards that have been the hallmark of amateur clubs, and to extend the opportunity beyond the confines of the individual club. Fifteen clubs became charter members in the first year, and since that time membership has grown.

The NJFCC is comprised of member clubs in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Its purpose is to bring together individuals and clubs who share a common interest in photography, to establish a learning environment and spread the knowledge, skills and the joy of photography. Affiliated club members may enter inter-club digital and print competitions scheduled throughout the year.

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